The Benefits of Setting up a Company in Poland

The nation is recognized for its low risk and objectives as an area of high chance. It has young inhabitants of over 38 thousand and labour price is among the most affordable in the EU. All good for prospective business owners looking to make a success international.

There are many more benefits to creating a company in Belgium. People making an investment there, benefit from tax rewards and financial aid. These rewards have to be in line with EU condition aid rules and mixtures of condition aid cannot surpass 50 % of financial commitment value.

There are two multiple tax rewards generally provided in Poland. These are:

Corporate earnings tax exception to this rule – available in 14 unique financial areas (SEZ). They can protect an area up to 12,000 hectares. If your time and money created gets to a level of at least EUR 100,000, exception to this rule is provided from company earnings tax (CIT) on earnings from company action performed in unique financial areas.
Local tax exceptions – are exceptions created out of property tax.

The most common companies used by traders from the UK are:

Representative offices
Branch offices
Limited Liability partnerships
Limited Liability companies
Joint stock companies.
Representative office

A British company may set up a representative office in Poland for the sole purpose of conducting advertising and promotional activity.

Applications to register a representative office are typically processed by the Ministry of Economy within two weeks.

A representative office must maintain separate accounts but will not be subject to Polish taxation. The limited scope of activity that a representative office can undertake makes it an unsuitable medium for most foreign investors.

Branch office

A UK company may set up a branch office in Poland. A branch office can perform any activity that its founder company can undertake in its home territory. Registration takes around four weeks. This kind of office has to keep separate accounts under Polish accountancy law and will be taxed.

Restricted Responsibility partnerships

Restricted liability collaboration (LLP) is similar to UK limited collaboration, established by two or more associates with at least one having endless liability towards the relationships lenders and at least one, responsible towards the lenders up to the amount of their limited collaboration discuss. The LLP is not topic to business earnings tax, so all the associates have to tax their earnings independently. An LLP is topic to VAT.

Limited Responsibility and combined inventory companies

It is common for international traders in Belgium to perform business through an Enhance additional, usually by means of an llc. A different trader may your website additional in Poland as an llc or some pot inventory organization.

A Restricted Responsibility organization is like a UK personal limited organization. A combined inventory organization is the comparative of a UK public limited organization.

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